Black Sabbath - US Airways Center - 8/30/13

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All photos by Jim Louvau
Black Sabbath
US Airways Center
August 30, 2013 (View the complete slideshow.)
There were more devil horns on display at Black Sabbath's concert Friday night than at an ASU football game. That's not surprising, however, given the band's affinity for dark lyrics, occult-like imagery and satanic references. What was surprising was the great form the band displayed all night.

My last Black Sabbath show was during the first reunion tour, which coincided with Ozzfest in 1997. That is not a good memory. While guitarist Tony Iommi was his usual stoic self on stage, lead singer Ozzy Osbourne was little more than a quivering ball of flesh, flitting about on stage and holding onto the mic stand for dear life.

Not tonight. Clean and sober for many years now, Ozzy actually jumped, danced and shuffled--albeit a little awkwardly (he hit the ground twice, but it was hard to tell if he fell, or jumped down on purpose)--about the stage. And even better, his voice was commanding and strong.

But how Ozzy moved, and how much he annoyed the crowd with continual post-song calls of "I can't fucking hear you," was of little concern for the near-sellout crowd intent on reliving the past or discovering a future with these musical icons.

I say future, because many a parent who begged their parents for a chance to see the original lineup in the '70s (I was one), returned tonight with children in tow. From the thundering music to the stellar light show and syncopated videos, the band--complete with original bassist Terry "Geezer" Butler and fill-in drummer Tommy Clufetos (founding member Bill Ward bowed out of the tour over a contract dispute) was hardly disappointing.

With the sounds of impending doom filling the arena, the band opened the proceedings with "War Pigs." A cape-wearing Osbourne seemed immediately comfortable, happy to be on stage as Iommi slowly prowled among his dark power chords and searing riffs, while Butler anchored the song with deep precision and rumbling force.

Cluefetos, who's backed Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent, among others, drove the song's maniacal pace. Video footage of war imagery filled the triple screens array, draped in gothic-styled curtains. Unable to resist, the crowd sung along at the end.

The heaviness continued as the black-dressed band moved rapidly through "Into The Void," "Under the Sun," and "Snowblind." "Age of Reason" was the first song played from 13, the original band's first album since 1978. Iommi explained in a recent interview with New Times that the band was trying to recapture that early-1970s sound.

Clearly, they succeeded as this song, as well as "End of the Beginning" and "God is Dead?" fit smoothly--almost too perfectly--into the vintage set, as if conjured up 40 years ago.

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scew  ozzy :  " im  chillin  on a dirt road , layed back  swerving  like im  George jones "  Jason  aldean "


It was great to hear all the OLD SCHOOL songs. We actually got comped lower level seats from our upper level seats by management walking the corridors. They told us they wanted the stadium to look more full. Nice upgrade! The drum solo was part of "Rat Salad" which I have never heard live blew me away...thanks again to the staff at USAIRWAYS :)


Where does this hack writer get his information? "Ozzie clean and sober all these years . . ." WTF? Anyone who watches the news realizes his wife was about to leave him as he has been on bender for few years and only has six months now - hence all the water and inhaler on stage! Where were YOU during the concert? Ozzy dumped bucket of water on the head of young security guard in front of him, not the 'crowd,' . . . who I have to say were especially anal at the Airways Arena. Giving people hard time about cameras, and then some big dude jumps over the front railing to grab a guitar pick and tall young security kid can't handle him, calls for backup and no one shows up! Guy with MS, to his left giving people hard time, all night, runs away! Then they let the asshole return to his seat! What is the guy with MS doing up front as a guard? Dangerous. When will security learn it is better to work with people, not give them shit when they are paying $1000 for front row seats!


Looking at these photo's omg. I can't even begin to express to Ozzy Osbourne how blessed he made me feel last night once again. Not only to have an Black Sabbath album in my hands, but to see him with the guys again, in their glory, playing the songs I have loved since I was 12 years old. Tony Iommi and Official Geezer Butler and Ozzy are just my all-time favorite men...I can't even express what a difference their music made in my life and heart. The expression of the dark side will forever be such a big part of me, and they will always live on in my mind till the day I die as the band I love beyond anything. I love you Ozzy Osbourne, I always have, and I always will. Your heart and spirit have amazingly remained as gentle and untarnished as they were back when you were a young man flashing his dimples, an amazing feat given how shitty this world is. The earnest and heartfelt smile you blessed us with from time to time will be in my memories and mind forever. How can anyone NOT love you?


Great review of one of the greatest nights I've spent watching these men performing. Wow! The crowd was just hopping, floor to ceiling, and reverbrating with love for the KINGS OF DOOM. 

Absolutely one of the most exciting, fun nights I've had. Ozzy was spot fucking on, the music was really hot, and Sabbath let those of us who LOVE THEM AND ALWAYS HAVE know just exactly why they will always live on as the legends they are. 

Into the Void, Under the Sun, Age of Reason, Black Sabbath, Behind the Wall of Sleep, NIB, End of the Beginning, God is Dead? MY GOD the sense of being in the room with fucking Dracula was just beyond! They totally RULE the ability to fucking transfix your mind with dark sounds and imagery. 

Snowblind, Fairies Wear Boots, and Children of the Grave were also just BAD ASS!!!!!!!

Tommy Clufetos was right on with his sounds, except on Iron Man where as he has with the rest of the tour, he played the song a tad slowly, then rushes the solo's sadly too fast for one to enjoy Tony Iommi's legendary riffs. Ah well, that was the only lowpoint, aside of hearing Paranoid again closing the set. Not a favorite song for me. 

All in all, they played 99.99% FUCKING HOT, and anyone there will carry with them the book of Black Sabbath written forever in their hearts. Arizona clearly loves these men, really apparent when you felt the energy, saw the arms waving, and heard the screams and cheers coming at these guys.

Thanks Jim Louvau, and Phoenix New Times, for the amazing shots of the band. A legendary night, one that many will long remember.

theu2edge 1 Like

Man do a little research....first off Ozzy has not been sober for years. He has had many relapses as current as a few months back that made its rounds in the press. And the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath a slip? Uh look up any set list from the tour and they play it every night like that. And "heavy metal" was used in Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild" before Sabbath used it and that song was released in 1968. Or just make shit up and say its a review. Whatever works.

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