Keith Morris Responds to Greg Ginn's Black Flag Lawsuit: "We've Done Nothing Wrong"

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Melissa Fossum
FLAG at Punk Rock Bowling, with Keith Morris front and center.
Earlier this week, Black Flag cofounder Greg Ginn filed suit against Henry Rollins and the members of FLAG for using the Black Flag trademark. It's a sticky situation to say the least--you can sift through all the legalese on Punknews.

I interviewed FLAG's singer and fellow Black Flag alum Keith Morris yesterday about the band's forthcoming performance at FYF, and asked for his thoughts about the situation. The situation is still pretty new--Morris was served on Wednesday and is still taking it all in. See what he has to say and read Black Flag's press release after the jump.

I'm in a new situation because I've never been sued. Basically, the bottom line is we're doing what we feel is right, and I can't really get into details. I'm being bombarded on Facebook, and right now I can't respond because it's just now getting started. I was served yesterday [Wednesday], this thing that looks like it wants to be maybe two and a half movie scripts. A script normally is about 120 pages. I'm not legal savvy, so I'm just kind of holding it in my hands. I'm not really reading all of it, but we're just going about our business.

We've done nothing wrong. Every step of the way, we've all talked to each other--"we're going to do this," or "we're not going to do that"--we know what he is capable of doing and we're not scared, we're not shaking in our shoes, we're not going to be bullied. We'll just proceed forward. We live our lives, and whatever the outcome is, we're good guys, we've done nothing wrong, so we don't really have to worry about anything.

My final question on the matter was whether this could hurt FLAG's ability to play shows. Morris responded--

We are going to continue forward. We're going to continue forward until somebody that we deal with on a day to day basis tells us we can't do it.

We've reviewed both Black Flag (with Greg Ginn) and FLAG (being sued by Greg Ginn) in the last few months. Go to page two to read Black Flag's press release regarding the lawsuit.

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Old man drama, whooo cares


Damaged!  Legal and punitive.


Keith Morris is being sued?  He made Black Flag and they sucked without him.   

Timothy D Little
Timothy D Little

Who cares. saw black flag in Phx and it was a damn good show.


Nothing says angry punk anarchist counter culture like a lawsuit for trademark infringement.

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