The Six Most Unstoppable Collaborations in Music History

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Roosevelt and Churchill. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Marvel and Capcom. Ghostbusters and Hi-C. Throughout history, there have been some truly incredible collaborations that have forever altered the course of humanity. But what about the memorable music combos when two brilliant music artists collide, shooting through the galaxies of both pop and rock?

To celebrate the fantastical joint-effort between Too $hort and Lady Gaga that was announced on the red carpet of the 2013 VMAs, we've compiled a list of the six most unstoppable alliances in music.

6. Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton (Cream)

Boy oh boy! When Carlos Santana steps in front of the camera wearing his signature brown beanie hat and famous green and orange t-shirt, you know it's going to be a ripper! The dude at 0:09 in the sunglasses knows it! The chubby kid in the Gilligan-hat at 0:14 knows it! Everyone knows it!

Listen to that roaring crowd and notice the reverence they have for the great Carlos Santana when he busts out those yellow maracas. A new take on an old classic - Santana and Clapton don't just knock it out of the park, they shatter the mental scoreboard of every single would-be-attendee that couldn't make it to that packed-to-the-gills festival. For more proof of sonic perfection of the two geniuses, check out "The Calling" off of Santana's 1999 hit record, Supernatural.

5. Carlos Santana and Chad Kroeger (Nickelback)

I've always felt like Carlos Santana was one of the most genuine artists out there. He gives so much to his fans, always willing to go toe-to-toe with the greats for the sake of pure art. He's worked with great, lasting, and prolific artists like Christian rap/metal band, P.O.D. and famous successful rapper, Everlast.

To show how much integrity he possesses, Santana also collaborated with one of the most earnest and respected figures in the last thirty years: Chad Kroeger from Nickelback.

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billy.sed 1 Like

the CAPTAIN and TENILE {geez whats wrong with you phonecians

chacojones 1 Like

Santana is good, but is he really worth of taking 5 of the 6 spots? I can think of some way better collaborations. This should have been named unstoppable Santana collaborations.

james8394 1 Like

Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John McGlauglhin. Love, Devotion, Surrender. Serious guitar work.

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