Seven Terrible First Pitches by Otherwise Coordinated Pop Stars

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Ahhh, the ceremonial first pitch of a baseball game. When it's done right, nobody in the stands pays you any attention. When you screw it up, you're on YouTube forever. Often celebrities are chosen to uphold this grand tradition, and often -- most recently Carly Rae Jepsen -- they fail spectacularly.

To the musicians out there who can actually throw a baseball, we tip our cap to you. To those who can't -- well, we compiled this list of your worst ceremonial first pitches ever. Enjoy.

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7. Lil Jon
The rapper, or hip-hop impresario, or . . . something clearly wanted to avoid embarrassment by just getting it to home plate. Instead, Lil Jon threw a moon shot way too high and way too outside.

6. Nikki Sixx
It might surprise you that the man behind Mötley Crüe's odes to manliness throws like the man behind layers and layers of elaborate stage makeup.

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