Prescott's Whisperfest Draws Phoenix Bands, Supports Yarnell Firefighter Families

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The evolution of Prescott's independent music scene, with this incarnation in its earlier stages, doesn't seem to lack enthusiasm. Both Hedges and Robbie Pfeffer, of Playboy Manbaby, agree that Prescott crowds are some of the best they've played for. "I've been really happy with Prescott and the all-ages scene up there," Pfeffer says. "It's new, it's fresh, kids are excited to go to shows, they want to participate. That's probably the best place [Whisperfest] could possibly be."

Hedges' own experience with Sundressed backs up Pfeffer's claim. "We've kind of built a following up there, and the kids that come to shows are just so hungry for music," Hedges says. "It's totally different than a lot of shows down here."

Featuring acts like fellow Phoenix hometown heroes Saddles and Instructions, Whisperfest has a decidedly Arizonan angle, attempting to draw fans from the Valley up to the highlands.

And while Prescott just a short drive up the I-17 for Phoenix fans, Prescott's motto of being "Everybody's Hometown" rings truest for Pfeffer, and hopefully for Whisperfest's attendees. "Prescott's pretty much as close as we have to a home away from home as far as shows go."

Whisperfest tickets are available on Ticketriver for $12.50 for general admission and $15 for tent camping overnight. Party cabins are available upon request.

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