Vial of Sound Pictures "The Day We Both Died" in New Music Video

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Vial of Sound - "The Day We Both Died"
Trevvor Riley is presumably a very busy guy. Not very long ago at all, we were talking about Emby Alexander's new single, "Drag the Long Way Home," its Riley-directed video and the caveworms therein.

Earlier this month, Vial of Sound got its own precision-creepy treatment, for "The Day We Both Died." It's a fitting one, too: Analog imperfections begin to intrude on the band's vintage-synth reality, with weird static and moiring effects obscuring the story of a running girl, her hands covered in not-exactly-blood.

As Vimeo uploads go, it is remarkably likely to make you reach for a tracking dial that isn't there. Watch it after the jump:

Vial of Sound - The Day We Both Died from Trevvor Riley on Vimeo.

It's a little overwhelming, sometimes, to consider how much talented people can do with the kind of equipment that's out there now. If someone had made this video 30 years ago it would have cost a lot.

The song is from the band's Substance Organique Volatile, an EP you can find wherever you usually find EPs, as well as on vinyl here.

It's already thrown off a video that became a Vimeo Staff Pick -- that's "A Lifetime Passed," directed by Ori Toor, which is closing in on 50,000 views in its first month of release.

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