We Asked Ted Nugent About His Presidential Campaign Platform: Here It Is

Ted Nugent
Don't mess with the Nuge
Michigan native and old-school rocker Ted Nugent may always be looking to ruffle a few feathers, but he is a bit of a softie at heart. Sure, he's incredibly outspoken politically and musically and to about every hunted animal on the planet. He's the same guy who named his 2013 tour "Black Power" (after the African-American musicians who have inspired his "fire-breathing musical career.") And after several statements that he wants to run for President, his proposed campaign slogan -- "Hi, I'm Ted Nugent, I have nine children from seven women, and I'm running for president" -- may not be the best approach

Then again, he's always accessible to his fans--he'll spend hours at each show signing everything from whitewashed deer skulls to his grilling cookbook, Kill It & Grill It, bending down to take photos with little kids on knees that have spent years vaulting off of stage speakers. He's spoken out against drug and alcohol abuse, although it may be just because they've stopped affecting him. He's also done a fantastic job at dipping his shotgun into every pure primal market possible, from ammo and knives, television and books, movies and on stage. It's one hell of a marketing plan.

Ted Nugent is scheduled to perform Sunday, July 14 at Celebrity Theatre.

Nugent will be here Sunday at Celebrity Theatre, where fans can get a live taste of such hits as "Cat Scratch Fever," "Great White Buffalo," "Motor City Madhouse," and "Wango Tango." You may even get a political rant in there, too. Hey, if you're feeling his politics, go ahead and order a bumper sticker from WorldNet Daily. Don't believe me? They start at $2. Nuge it up.

Up On The Sun talked with Ted Nugent via e-mail about--well, the usual Ted Nugent things. Here are his answers:

How would you describe your perfect day in the world of Ted Nugent?
I literally live it nearly every day as I have been so very blessed to live my ultimate passions of music and hunting forever. I get up with Mrs. Nugent or before her, sip some killer jo, run the dogs and give them vitamins and biscuits, then hit my favorite treestand or check my trapline. I handle the critters I may be lucky enough to kill, then back to the dogs and wife.

I conduct numerous media interviews getting the truth to millions, then grill some incredible flesh for lunch and continue more of the same with an assortment of ranch work, firearms and archery fun, then wrap up the day with an evening hunt. During touring season, I replace the hunting with the musical mayhem with my amazing band and audiences, eat good, visit family and friends and prepare for the upcoming hunting season. Thank You Lord. Thank You!

You named your tour the "Black Power" tour as a tribute to the African-Americans. When you announced this [on World Net Daily], you also added that it referred to "Democratic politicians who have raped and plundered black America forever."

Personally, I see more racism from Republicans than Democrats nowadays. What's your opinion on that?

Clearly Democrats have a solid lock on racism by scamming dishonest policies that continue the slavery of dependency that has hurt the black community more than any other. Not even close. Historically it was the Democrat Party that fought against civil rights on all fronts, even infesting the evil subhuman KKK. The truth is very ugly and hurts, doesn't it?

Would you ever be up for a tour with other Detroit stars, such as Jack White, Eminem and Kid Rock?
Absolutely! Those guys are full on MotorCity soulbrothers, and they deserve me.

What are a few of your favorite songs to play on stage?
All of them. Every song of mine makes the ultimate opener and the ultimate encore.

You've said several times that you would want to run for President. What are the three things that would guide your campaign?
Unlike the smoke and mirrors scam of Obama, I would demand 1-transparency, 2-accountability and 3-universal enforcement of our laws, thereby arresting and prosecuting Eric Holder for Fast and Furious, and Hillary Clinton for Benghazi for starters.

What are the first things you would do if you were President?
I would demand accountability for Fast and Furious, the IRS crimes, the Benghazi crimes and all the abuse of power by all federal agencies guilty of such crimes.

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U should've asked him what would he do with the fucking CLOWN RACIST SHURF ARPAYASO, since he might B THE WORST VIOLATOR OF THE CONSTITUTION AND CIVIL RIGHTS OF  U.S. CITIZENS,  in case that the OLD FART might B still around, even if he is out of office and since the OLD FART has commited so many crimes. and nobody has dared to arrest him. I would like to see if nugent would have the balls to arrest  the POS.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

Please stop giving this has been geriatric egomaniac press time NT, as hilariously sad as he is, it's just playing into exactly what he wants, attention

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