Five Rock Stars Who Aged Unnervingly Well

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Jim Louvau
Even more Guns N' Roses photos
If you're hoping to look as good at 50 as you do at 20, there are a lot of (ultimately futile) things you can do. You can eat right. You can exercise. You can try to avoid stress and anything else that's wearing on you, with the help of prayer and meditation.

Most of all, you can make sure not to be a rock star. Our 101-frame Rock Stars: Then and Now slideshow is filled with cautionary tales, but we're not here to say anything more than has already been said about that photo of Axl Rose.

No: We're here to celebrate the rock stars who don't look like they've been drawn onto matryoshka dolls with wax pencil. Here are five rock stars who've aged unnervingly well, in spite of all the roadblocks their particular brand of fame threw in their way.


Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann reached her peak solo fame later in life than the average '80s pop star and continues to look like someone who has no business having been famous in 1985.

If her hair were still rendered by the computers that did the "Money for Nothin'" video she could probably still pass.


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Seriously - you have missed the mark with a local girl - Stevie Nicks - we all should be so lucky to look as good at 65!

Carissa Kinda Wroughton
Carissa Kinda Wroughton

Is it fair to list people that have had plastic surgery with people who have not? Axel and Love would not be on this list had they not had a nip and tuck.

Nikki Anam Cara
Nikki Anam Cara

You left out Weird Al Yankovic. We ended up hiking the same waterfall in Maui last year (he lives there. I don't :( ) I swear the guy has not changed since the 80's. Very gracious fellow, too.

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