Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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Kitty (Okay Cupid)
Kitty [Pryde]
Nostalgia acts are heartier than the rest of us. Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé booked themselves all the way into December, when Phoenicians will once again gloat about the weather; everywhere else across the music-act spectrum, things seem to be slowing down, hibernating.

But if you're into campy, accomplished new wave, '60s pop-rock, West Coast hip hop, or (not pictured) boy bands, your weekend is officially figured out. I can only hope that ROAR, Kitty, and Anamanaguchi will be operating a package tour of their own (Reblogged Fest™) in 2038. (For even more shows, check out our complete concert listings.)

The B-52s

Go Go's and The B-52s - Talking Stick Resort, Scottsdale - Friday, July 12

The B-52s' funky, flirty and groovalicious party sound is as unmistakable today as it was when the band formed unexpectedly in 1976, after the founding members downed a flaming volcano drink at an Athens, Georgia restaurant. "We never planned on having a band. We were friends and crashed parties together in Athens and hung out," explains Kate Pierson. "One night we went to the Chinese restaurant and we had very little money to eat, so we thought we'd share this drink. ... We went over to a friend's house and started jamming and ... that's how it happened; the magic drink."

Read our full interview with Kate Pierson.

After the success of "Rock Lobster" and a major-label deal they became the de facto party band for college kids everywhere. Every song, Pierson says, was part of a collective writing process based around jamming. "The style of jamming, the way we did it that [first] night, became the template for the way we always wrote. You let it flow and get into a Zen place... You never know what's going to happen; there's no control over it. Then we piece it together. It's like a collage. There's very little point in trying to say we're going to make this a normal song." --Glenn BurnSilver

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