Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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It's not that I'm rooting for The Maine to become nationally famous and then commit some terrible faux pas in Western Europe, but I'm halfway through a "Maine in Spain Fails Softly Something Something" headline that I'd really like to sell to the New York Post.

They'll be back in town this weekend, in any case, which is pretty exciting, along with four other shows we think might be neat. (View our complete concert calendar here.)

matchbox twenty

Matchbox Twenty - Comerica Theatre - Friday, July 26

The week a once-ubiquitous band rolls through town on its comeback tour is a good time to reflect on whether, why, and how much you enjoyed it in the first place. For me and Matchbox Twenty, America's most indestructible post-grunge band, those answers are "yes," "because they're so overproduced," and "much more than I used to be willing to admit," respectively.

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No mid-'90s success put the "post" in "post-grunge" quite like Matchbox Twenty; two years after Kurt Cobain's death, they combined alt-rock volume and angst with '80s-rock polish, and four albums later, every song sounds like grunge recorded by Phil Ramone inside an airlock. I'm supposed to dislike that, I think, but I don't -- I want to bounce a quarter off that guitar tone in "If You're Gone," and I will, and I will.

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