Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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Lauren Mann
Have you ever played a Final Fantasy game? If you have, you'll know that many-if-not-all of them involve collecting an arbitrary number of crystals that a megalomaniacal villain is also chasing, so that they won't fall into the wrong hands and be used to enslave the world or shoot down airships or whatever villains do in Final Fantasy games.

Now, look: I'm not saying that there are five crystals hidden throughout the Valley, or that a megalomaniacal villain is chasing them, but it would certainly explain why we call them must-sees, and why people keep trying to use their Limit Break at Martini Ranch. So I don't know, your call. (View our complete concert calendar here.)


Megafauna - The Sail Inn, Tempe - Friday, July 19

The weird thing is, I didn't even know I wanted a vaguely spacey, female-fronted version of Helmet. That, at least, rules out the possibility that I daydreamed Megafauna into existence, like in [anime reference deleted].

Another reason: Unlike most dream-logic mash-ups, Megafauna works, and kind of unnervingly well; singer/guitarist Dani Neff is somehow able to keep her airy vocals out from under her own lurching, wrong-footed guitar riffs. The result isn't a band you knew you needed, but it's definitely one worth hearing.

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