How Matchbox Twenty Is Different From the Other '90s Nostalgia Tours

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Matchbox Twenty
We've hit an oversaturation point for bands having comeback albums, reunion tours, and any number of other obvious cash-grabs, so it's hard not to roll your eyes whenever some band from the '80s, '90s, or even early Aughts makes that kind of announcement.

And it's true: Some of it's downright laughable. I know there's a market for basically anything, but who among us was dying to see Boy Bands of the Past (New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees, Boyz II Men), or Alt-Rock Has-Beens Tour No. 1 (Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Vertical Horizon) or No. 2 (Art Alexakis and a bunch of guys posing as Everclear, Live minus Ed Kowalczyk, Filter)?

And news that Bush and Stone Temple Pilots were planning to tour might reasonably have sent Coke shooting through your nose. For some reason, though, Matchbox Twenty's tour is a different story.

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When they returned in 2012 with North -- their first full-length album of new material since 2002's More Than You Think You Are -- the interest was palpable for a band that had been one of alternative rock's biggest bands for almost a decade before going on hiatus.

It was still next to impossible to avoid their hits in the intervening years, and lead singer Rob Thomas didn't exactly go into hiding in the meantime, releasing two successful solo albums, which probably had something to do with their relative relevance.

These guys weren't one-hit wonders, they didn't squander their millions in decadent rock 'n' roll fashion, and they didn't go a full decade without being relevant, so when they came back, it just felt like the band had simply been holding their collective breath for an unnaturally long period of time and were finally ready to exhale.

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Comerica Theatre

400 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ

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Ben Massoglia
Ben Massoglia

Stoked to be seeing them at Comerica tomorrow, they were one of my first concerts in '03

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