Mesa's Legendary Hollywood Alley to Close on July 31

Benjamin Leatherman
R.I.P. Hollywood Alley (1988-2013)
The proprietors of Hollywood Alley dropped an atomic bombshell on Facebook Thursday afternoon, and its devastating news: The venerated Mesa rock bar will be closing for business on July 31, just shy of its 25th anniversary.

It would be safe to say that the announcement was a massive shock to countless in the metro Phoenix music scene who have been both patrons and performers at the Alley -- which has hosted literally thousands of bands for the past quarter-century -- particularly since plans were afoot for a three-day party next month celebrating the occasion.

Even some of the longtime staff members were caught off guard by the announcement of the closure of the iconic venue, which was the longest-running rock bar in the Valley.

Announcements were made by on both Hollywood Alley's main Facebook site and -- ironically enough -- the event page for the 25th anniversary event, which has been moved up to next weekend. The latter message was short and to the point.

Apologies, everyone. We are closing July 31st. We will have to celebrate the 25th Anniversary sometime before we close. Any bands scheduled to play this party can contact Will at to discuss performing the last weekend in July. We might have a few slots open.

According to longtime Hollywood Alley employee Will Tynor, the decision by co-owners Ross Wincek and his grandmother Rachel Hrutkay to close related to the venue's bottom line and was made earlier this week after meeting with their accountant and others involved behind the scenes. (Tynor and the rest of the staff were informed of the news today.)

Location Info

Hollywood Alley - CLOSED

2610 W. Baseline Road, Mesa, AZ

Category: Music

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Wow, was a great place to hang out nearly any night of the week back in the late 80's early 90's. I used to grab dinner and watch Joe Meyers every Thursday night, place was always packed, food was good, beer was cold, drinks were strong.

Then the Internet took over and the local music scene seemed to die. Perhaps the generation who used to spend their nights out on the town seeking good live music grew up, went to Mill Ave (aka the collegiate version of sodom and gomorrah) or whatever.. Sad really. Long live HollyWood Alley. Ross and CO, I wish you the best.

The Mason Jar
Long Wong's
Six East
Hollywood Alley

Close those and head to the Golden Eight Ball (aka tweakerville) or the Great Alaskan Bush CO

RIP to all

The Yucca (aka The Succa) is the last one standing, I'll pass.

Wow, I'm getting old.


O.....M....G......      That sucks.       I probably played there 50 times in 3 different bands.     I'm just...... wow....  it physically hurts to hear this...

Who wants to go in on buying it with me ?


I'm okay with this announcement. I'm neither happy nor sad, I just find it all quite acceptable.

ExpertShot topcommenter

@rumpus55 Tons of veteran clubs in the Valley which feature blues, rock and country - cheap drinks and many you can even smoke in and drink at the same time! 

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