High School Music: A Reunion From Hell

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I just got back from my 30th high school reunion in Minot, North Dakota.

It was great to see so many of my lifelong friends and classmates. Most of us have spread out across the country, and we all commented on how comfortable and familiar it was to be back together in our ever-expanding (oil boom) hometown. Good nostalgia ran amok.

Too bad I can't say the same about my reunion with the era's pop music. Not a lot of favorable nostalgia in that area. The popular songs of my high school years (1979-83) were just as tough to listen to now as they were in high school.

Is it just me? Was it just my era? I've never thought of myself as an elitist, but maybe I am.

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Facing the Musical Legacy of My Youth
You may not know the answer to that question yet, but you'll find out eventually.

You see, as you age your way through the perpetual now, at some point you will have to look back and see if the music from your youth holds up.

Although I think about these sorts of things all the time, that point came to a head for me at my reunion.

It started while listening to the '80s band at the bar during the opening bash. It resurfaced after the dinner when the DJ fired up those "good old" tunes from our high school years.

For a music nut like me, there's no such thing as background music. The music might be in the background, but I'm constantly aware of what's playing. You think I'm joking, but it's always been that way for me. The music is a big part of my moment.

So throughout my conversations and reuniting moments . . . the following thought kept creeping into my head:

Man, this '80s pop music really sucks.
If it wouldn't have been for all the great friends and conversation I was having, I may not have been able to suppress my urge to bucky (that's NoDak lingo for throw up, in the nostalgic spirit of the discussion).

Okay, it may not have induced me to bucky -- but, for sure, it added an unpleasant element to the otherwise excellent proceedings.

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My favorite "80's" band was the Blasters.

Dani Cutler
Dani Cutler

Sorry, I completely disagree. The 80's are the reason I have my retro hour on KWSS! Sure, it had its crap, but New Wave and Punk? Never goes out of style in my book. ;)


So Steve, I'd like to hear just what music from your era you found so unbearable.  I'm about 9 years older, but recently went on an 80's nostalgia trip and put together a playlist of 80s music that I really like.  Here's some of it, and I hope it doesn't make you retch;  Nik Kershaw "Wouldn't It Be Good", Psychedelic Furs "The Ghost in You", Tears for Fears "Head Over Heels", Phil Collins "Take Me Home", Animotion "Obsession", Thompson Twins "Doctor Doctor", Alphaville "Forever Young", a-Ha "Take On Me", ABC "Be Near Me", Wang Chung "Dance Hall Days", Haircut 100 "Love Plus One", Soft Cell "Tainted Love",  . . . . . . and more

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