The Best Food Trucks and Food Porn for Metal Fans

grill em all
Everything eventually turns into porn. Guitar porn--Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 is all about it--whiskey porn... well, regular porn. But recently, food porn has blown up. Which is great for me.

You see, there are only a few things that I take voracious pleasure in consuming, and two of those indulgences are heavy metal and cooking. Combine them, and I'm set for life.
Last week a friend of mine sent me a video called "Cooking With Phil Anselmo." You've probably never wondered what it would be like cooking in a kitchen with the Pantera/Down/Superjoint Ritual, etc. front man, but this viral video answers all of your questions.

The animated video has Anselmo wearing a "Cooking Hostile" black t-shirt, and concocting dishes with such references as "soy sauce from hell," "five minutes on looooow," and the "art of shredding lettuce." It's full of hilarious Pantera references, and was put together by Joey Siler of Pantera tribute band Good Friends & A Bottle of Whiskey.

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But what's really funny is that Phil Anselmo actually does loves to cook. I had the opportunity to have an almost hour-long conversation with the madman himself a couple days ago.

We chatted about almost everything--his first-ever solo album, Walk Through Exits Only (released July 16) that's just about the heaviest most brutal thing I've ever heard, his October Housecore Horror Film Festival, horror film recommendations out of his 10,000 title collection, the old-school method of recording that he uses in his studio, the three things that he felt led to Pantera's success (not what you think), the Pantera song he'd love to play live again, playing guitar in Arson Anthem... and, of course, cooking.

Raised with cooking in his blood (his dad owned a New Orleans restaurant) Anselmo thinks it's just common sense. But some people can do it a little better than others--like the owners of Grill 'Em All food truck and restaurant in L.A.

Cooking up metal-inspired burgers and sandwiches for the masses, chefs/musicians Ryan Harkus and Matthew Chernus create some of the craziest burgers inspired by metal music mayhem and culture.

Visit for hair metal happy hour, and don't worry about finding the truck--you can't miss it. Black (of course) and covered in retro heavy metal art, Grill 'Em All was also the winner of Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race."

Thumbnail image for Grill-Em-All-Truck-Food-Wars-030310-0224.jpg
Get it while it's hot... and heavy

The menu is food porn for metallers at its finest, and changes with daily specials like the Molly Hatchet, a half-pound burger with sausage fennel gravy, maple syrup and bacon.

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