Five TV Show Theme Songs Without Lyrics You'll Sing Along With Anyway

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Kick back, relax, and sing along to your favorite television shows.
Almost all of us are waiting for some special night, some particular time slot, set on some specific channel. Some of us worship our favorite TV shows more fervently than others, but everybody I know seems to have at least one show they love so much it's become an experience -- right down to the theme song.

For me personally -- well, I have at least 10 favorites, and it's hard to choose which one I like the most. I've noticed that almost every one of them has a theme song completely devoid of lyrics, but I can't help but sing along. It's like the words are there anyway.

You can admit it or not, but all of us do it -- hum, sing, tap, dance, or just think along to our favorite shows' themes while we're waiting for them to start. I have mine and you have yours, of course, but here are five we might have in common.

5. The Walking Dead

Intense music and desolate town images are perfect for a world covered in walkers or biters, call them whatever you must. We're always wondering what on earth Rick is going to do next, whether Michonne will chop a zombie's head off again with a samurai sword, and has Carl gone dark?

But the anticipation wouldn't be so acute if the theme song weren't so compatible with the tension. Personally I rate this one a nail-biter with a bit of a hum.

4. Breaking Bad

Okay, yeah, get mad at me and state the obvious: "That is not a theme song."

In my world, at least, it is. I understand it isn't as long as your typical show's opening credits, but then again it's longer than the opening of one of my favorite shows, Lost. Sure, it's a tad short, but it really makes me feel like I'm in a chemistry lab with a gun, playing the bongos.

Is that just me?

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Ed Masley
Ed Masley

I like the one on "The Killing"

Brian Bardwell
Brian Bardwell

The Cheers theme was actually horrible. The vocals are distractingly affected.

Julie Baier
Julie Baier

Game of Thrones music is pretty cool, but my fave is still "BTVS." I made up my own words.

JM Hearns
JM Hearns

Greatest American Hero or Fall Guy or Eight is Enough.

Sandi Smith Nieto
Sandi Smith Nieto

Prince of Belaire! I'll never forget the lyrics....not even if there is a fire..

Jesse Adams
Jesse Adams

Oh wait, game of thrones. That shit is epic

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