The B-52s and The Go-Gos - Talking Stick Resort, Scottsdale - 7/12/13

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B-52s Talking Stick Jim Louvau
All photos by Jim Louvau
The B-52's and The Go-Go's
Talking Stick Resort, Scottsdale
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Two of the bigger names in the '80s New Wave scene packed Talking Stick Resort Friday night as the B-52's and the Go-Go's paid a visit to the Scottsdale casino.

As expected, there were plenty of 45-and-up attendees trying to relive the days when Nicolas Cage was starring in movies like Valley Girl, Sean Penn was Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and checkered slip-ons were all the rage.

The flamboyant B-52's hit the stage around 8:15, and had a bit of a sluggish start with "Planet Claire." It wasn't until "Dance This Mess Around" that there was much energy onstage. But what they lacked in energy they made up for with the still-powerful vocals of Kate Pierson.

Cindy Wilson relied heavily on the backing vocal track for "Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland." Things only got bleaker for Wilson during the hit "Roam," where she clearly struggled to hit the notes with Pierson.

"This song is about two women getting together and doing something dangerous," Pierson told the crowd before "Legal Tender."

The Star-Trek-inspired "Love in the Year 3000" followed. "Before we invented New Wave, we were punks," Fred Schneider, said before "6060-842."

Even "Love Shack" felt a little flat compared to the studio version. The Go-Go's helped salvage the B-52's set, joining them for "Rock Lobster."

The Go-Go's, on the other hand, came out full of energy with opener "Get Up and Go" to kick off their 17-song set. Lead singer Belinda Carlisle sounded better than she probably did in the '80s, when the group partied hard.

"Who remembers the 80s?" Carlisle asked before "This Town." "Good, 'cause we don't."

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