20 Photos from Axis Radius' Big Going-Away Party

Benjamin Leatherman
Last weekend, after 16 years as an Old Town institution, Scottsdale's Axis-Radius was the site of one last blowout before closing down for good. (It's set to reopen next year as a new music venue and craft beer hangout.)

We were there for Last Call. Here's 20 photos from the last night anybody will spend at Axis-Radius until next year.

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More than a thousand rowdy revelers and party monsters jammed into Axis-Radius in Scottsdale on Saturday, June 29, for one final fiesta before the iconic Old Town nightclub closed its doors after 16 years. Both parts of the double-sided dance haven were packed with action as the last bash unfolded: Axis served up Top 40 and plenty of bottle-popping fun while Radius featured EDM tracks and club bangers from a number of DJs who spun at the joint over the past decade and a half (including DJ Phantom, LTJ, and Steve LeVine). They even kept the music going after last call, offering a few extra moments of high-energy dancing fun before pulling the plug on one of Scottsdale's most influential spots.

Photos by Benjamin Leatherman


Axis Radius Last Call



Location Info


Axis/Radius - CLOSED

7340 E. Indian Plaza, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Music

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Joe Yasinski
Joe Yasinski

I was there the night it opened, still remember Mike Tyson that night. Lordy I am old now.

Nicole Goard
Nicole Goard

What? You don't like the duckface guy simultaneously holding a girl's head while holding what appears to be cheap wine in the other hand?! Lol...yeah...not great.

Ghormeh Sabzi
Ghormeh Sabzi

Akhhh, these are the grossest dancers, and clubbers I have ever seen!!! Axis/Radius has changed soo much from it's peak days, no wonder they're closing...

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