Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown Use the Blues to Hang Tough

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Graham Whitford, Noah Denney, Tyler Bryant, and Caleb Crosby of Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown
Musical prodigies seem to be as common as the YouTube searches with which they can be turned up. Parlaying that precociousness into a career is a task in itself, and doing so within a genre as storied as the blues takes more than just talent. Twenty-two-year-old guitarist Tyler Bryant -- of Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown -- has transformed from a preteen shredder on the Internet into the frontman of a full-blown rock outfit.

While diving into his new rock roots, Bryant's rightfully shedding the "prodigy" label. "As soon as I heard music, I sought that environment out. I dove into it, and that's what I wanted to do," Bryant says. "I sweep the 'prodigy' thing under the rug, because if you go on YouTube and type in 'guitar prodigy,' you can see a 7-year-old outplaying all of us."

Don't be fooled, though: The Texas-raised, Nashville-based frontman knows his way around a fretboard.

Apart from receiving the Robert Johnson Gibson New Generation Award, bestowed upon the best of young guitarists, and being handpicked by Eric Clapton to play the annual Crossroads Guitar Festival, Bryant cut his teeth by touring around his native state. His sound is decidedly Texan, following in the sizable footsteps of acts like ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Gary Clark Jr.

At first listen, however, you can immediately tell that this was a kid who was raised on rock. "We don't want to mimic the blues," he says. "We're taking all of the rock 'n' roll influences, and the fact that we're all 21, 22-years-old, and putting all of that energy behind it and trying to do something fresh with it."

Bryant and the Shakedown's youthful approach has turned heads, making Bryant something of a household name in the guitar community. But few 20-somethings in the music industry are as well acquainted with its pitfalls and soaring highs as Bryant is. When you've been taking the stage for over half of your childhood, you're bound to pick up a thing or two. "There have been times where I have been so bummed out on the music industry, but it's just like being in a relationship with a girl, and you're like 'Oh, my God, she hates me, this is never going to work,'" Bryant laughs.

"The truth of the matter of the music industry is that everyone is trying to make money and there's not a lot of money to be made."

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Nancy Stevens
Nancy Stevens

If you can't make it...kukq.com is going to stream it LIVE Download the APP now. set time around 10:15

Kim Scarlett
Kim Scarlett

Tyler-Fender is in Phoenix. The A&R guy just pushed out the announcement that your playing tonight!!!

Barbara Scarborough
Barbara Scarborough

Great article I am proud of you boys, Tyler keep on killin them, can't wait to see u guys again.

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