Trinidad James - Celebrity Theater - 6/8/2013

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Trinidad 1
All photos by Jonathan Alvira
By Jonathan Alvira

Trinidad James
Celebrity Theatre
June 8, 2013

Groupies, strippers and first-time stage dancers were "turnt" up all night with Mr. "All Gold Everything" himself. As I watched a blonde bombshell from the crowd get pulled on stage to shake her ass for the screaming fans, I came to a realization. You truly cannot judge a trendy rapper by the holes in his skirt.

The young Trinidadian sensation Trinidad James stepped on stage an hour late for an already restless crowd at the Celebrity Theatre. When the crowd heard his voice over the microphone, boos turned to cheers. "Popped a molly, I'm sweatin'!" he shouted, signaling his DJ from backstage. Leading up to his dramatic entrance, he walked up the dark, narrow ramp towards the stage with traditional Caribbean music in the background as the fans screamed his name.

It was a slow beginning; leading up to his performance several local rappers took stage with at least three generations of their extended family. It was to the point where no one knew who was actually rapping. In defense to the negative backlash, the rappers decided to bang on the crowd. The whole environment became real hostile, real quick, so I decided to step backstage.

Walking through the cramped hallways past the groupies and the entourage, I looked into Jonn Hart's dressing room to see three of the most beautiful women celebrity and status could buy. In the room directly next door was a contrasting scene of a herd of 300-pound men feasting on a huge-ass plate of beef smothered in gravy on a bed of rice. I finally reached the green room and walked in on Power 98.3 radio personality Bootleg Kev getting in a drunken shouting match with Glasses Malone about how to drop an album and sell units. Fans awkwardly stood across the room as they waited for a meet and greet with Jonn Hart. At this point I grabbed a few of the many refreshments available backstage and took my chances in the photo pit.

Trinidad James and Girls
Twerking was the theme of the night, and it wasn't just when Trinidad James hit the stage, either. Stepping up the stairs and down into the pit I saw two strippers giving onlookers a peep show in the V.I.P. Once Jonn Hart hit the stage he called upon the beautiful women in the building to join him on stage for a full-fledged twerk contest. By the time the concert was over the females of the audience were invited on stage a total of four times, giving the drunkest of groupies several chances for any of the rappers to take back to the hotel. Assuming the members of the entourage weren't just getting their phone numbers to just "chat."

Despite stepping out in what appeared to be a torn skirt over a pair of floral-pattern capris, Trinidad James flexed his celebrity to the fans and they loved it. Judging by his lack-luster appearance and demeanor during a radio interview earlier that afternoon, it's like the rapper popped a molly to start sweatin'. Full of energy and draped in ridiculous gold chains, he started off the song with "Tonk For The Money," his intro track from his mixtape Don't Be S.A.F.E.

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