Scottsdale Seeking Increased Security at Nightlife Venues Following Recent Violence

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Anyone who's been waiting for the other shoe to drop in Scottsdale's nightlife scene following the violence at Martini Ranch this past weekend, take note: It's in the process of going down.

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane released a statement earlier this week indicating that he and other city officials will attempt to pass a municipal ordinance increasing security requirements at bars, clubs, and other nightlife-oriented businesses within the city. The move comes in response to the stabbing of a 34-year-old Martini Ranch patron early Monday morning at the Old Town venue.

It was the second stabbing to occur at the Old Town dance club and music venue within the past six months. Onetime ASU football player Tyrice Thompson, a security employee at Martini Ranch, was stabbed and killed there in January.

In his statement, which was released to the media on Tuesday, Lane cited both attacks as the impetus for increased safety requirements at Scottsdale nightlife establishments.

"The two incidents at Martini Ranch in the last six months, although isolated, demonstrate the need to improve safety in Scottsdale's bars and nightclubs," Lane says. "We are working collaboratively with our business community toward that end."

Hizzoner wasn't the only one releasing statements in the wake of Monday's club-related violence; Martini Ranch's proprietors released the following earlier this week:

In light of recent events that have taken place at Martini Ranch, we would like to state that we take the well-being of our patrons and our staff very seriously and we take the utmost precaution to make our establishment as safe as possible for them.

Unfortunately, there [have] been two instances that were beyond our control where isolated, random acts of violence have taken place. These acts were perpetrated by individuals who acted maliciously and deliberately to injure and maim others. The acts were done instantly and not preceded by any commotion or disturbance to alert our staff of a problem and therefore were impossible to prevent.

As always we will continue to re-evaluate our security protocols with our in-house staff, as well as to consult with Scottsdale Police, to ensure the safest environment possible for our staff and patrons. Lastly, we hope for the perpetrators of these cowardly acts to be swiftly brought to justice and we wish the family and friends of the victims our sincerest sympathies and hope that this is the last of these unfortunate events.

Martini Ranch's proprietors, however, won't be the only bar and club owners checking in with the Scottsdale PD in the future regarding patron safety, especially if the proposed security ordinances become law later this summer.

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Easier said than done. 

Up On The Sun
Up On The Sun

Bring guns in to solve the knife problem, and then killer robots to solve the gun problem. Then, if nothing else, you've made Scottsdale a lot cooler.

Francisco Cortez
Francisco Cortez

and they say that bad things only happen in the West Side *smh

Peter Fullmer
Peter Fullmer

I've been to Martini Ranch many times. They have plenty of security. I don't see how more security is going to prevent stabbings. The only real way to do this is to treat the entrance like airport security, and that would never work. Lines to get in the douchey Scottsdale clubs are long and slow moving enough as it is, and drinks cost more than enough without a 35% increase to accommodate increased business costs.

Chuck Klee
Chuck Klee

Fuck Snobsdale. I'll stay on my side of the tracks.


Why did this article forgot to metion that most of the troublemakers are black gang bangers?

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan  i thought you said it was always illegals? is your racial hatred starting to confuse you now? and if you read the article, the earlier stabbing of Tyrice Thompson who was black, was by a white guy............. that negates your conclusion

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