Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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She and him and them and them and him and her and them are playing in Phoenix this week, and all of them are a part of our five must-see Phoenix shows this week.

You're bound to like one of those pronouns, if only you give it a chance.

She & Him press

She & Him - Comerica Theatre - Tuesday, June 18

Hey! There's a famous person on one end of that photo! It's She & Him's gift and curse that their not-as-twee-as-you're-guessing tunefulness is so easily reduced to Zooey Deschanel being She; it's undoubtedly helped them reach a wider audience, but it's also irrevocably shaped the way that audience responds to their music.

Neither She nor Him probably wants to hear each album--their latest, Volume 3, is a month old--brought up in conversation as Surprisingly Good for The Zooey Deschanel Band. And they shouldn't; this is just really good pop, smooth in the pre-yacht-rock sense of the word. It sounds country-tinged not because you'll hear a lot of steel guitar in it, but because that's where most pop this polished comes from.

It's good, and it'd be good even if the first time you heard its lead singer perform hadn't been Elf. But if her sitcom fame means you've heard it when you mightn't otherwise, all that typecasting wasn't in vain.

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Darin Spyderdog
Darin Spyderdog

hipsters, cowboys and whores ....just another week in az

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