Ask MC Magic: Should I Tell My Man I Cheated on Him?

Dear Magic,

I'm a young, recent college graduate, and the job market is awful right now. So far I've had no luck finding work in my desired field, media and communications.

How did you get your own career started? Do you have any advice for people like me who want to be doing something they love as their day job, like you do?

College Grad in Phoenix

Dear College Grad,

Congratulations on your achievement, but at the same time know that it is only the beginning of your journey. I have several friends who have graduated from colleges and technical institutes in this particular field of media and arts.

It's an extremely difficult field, but I truly feel that someone with genuine passion and talent, combined with the right amount of drive, can still achieve success. In my particular situation, I quit my day job because financial opportunities came up at the local swap meet.

Even though some people would not consider it a respectable occupation, the swap meet still turned into a very profitable situation for me. Thinking outside the box is the most important thing. Everyone has a niche that separates them from the whole world, and it's important to try several different things so that you can find your own.

Don't lose patience, and always be persistent. Be willing to take chances, and not just big chances--also take on projects that seem like small opportunities, so that you can turn them into a big deal. Your attitude and the quality of your dedication will be noticed by the people who count. Make sure the first things everyone sees about you are your passion, persistence and dedication.

MC Magic

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