Ke$ha's Heavy Metal Persona Might Make You a Satanist

Ke$ha crouched Louvau
Jim Louvau (View more photos here.)
Much to the enthusiasm of my pop-loving girlfriends, I agreed to go to Wednesday's Ke$ha show at Ak-Chin Pavilion. The tickets were free, and we had a car with a driver, so I figured I could at least drink enough whiskey to dull the shame brought on by my seething metalhead soul.

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by Ke$ha's own apparent metalhead-ness. And a little turned on, admittedly, by a video clip of a scantily clad Ke$ha rolling around in piles of vinyl records and stretching out on a Harley.

What I expected was a writhing sea of whored-out tweens and vibrant cross-dressers putting out a really obnoxious vibe. Maybe it was the whiskey -- or the cheap perfume-spiked confetti that constantly showered around us -- that muddled my mind, but what I came to realize instead was that Ke$ha is far more rocker than pop star.

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She was dressed as a superhero Wonder Woman-meets-metal mistress in her studded outfits and head gear, and I got that familiar feeling of awe and adrenaline that bubbles up inside when watching a true rock star do their thing. That raw sexuality, the confident imperfection, and the swagger of "I don't give a damn" that you get from bands like Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, and Marilyn Manson.

Now, I'm not trying to say that Ke$ha is as good as or better than those acts. What I'm saying is that her attitude and lifestyle clearly trump the perceived pop value of her music. She reaches millions of people musically, talking about having sex freely, getting drunk, partying, and objectifying men -- much like male rock stars have done to women in for decades. I've heard that for a guy to come on her bus, she makes them drop trou and have a Polaroid snapped on their junk for a collection. She doesn't care what anyone thinks, and that's what she's built her career upon. Her plan is to level the playing field to let chicks know that they can talk the same shit as guys do.

As Alice Cooper once said: "I met [Ke$ha] at the Grammys and I immediately looked at her and went, 'This girl is not a pop diva. She's a rock singer.' She would much rather be the female Robert Plant than the next Britney Spears." And as we all know, Cooper then collaborated with her on a song. And on Ke$ha's newest album, Warrior, there are guest spots by Iggy Pop, The Stokes, and Patrick Carney from The Black Keys.

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I listen to pop music and I buy some pop singles but Ke$ha is the only pop artist I've ever been able to get into to the point that I buy all her stuff. I mainly listen to traditional country, folk, bluegrass and 70's rock. I don't know what it is about Ke$ha that's so different from the typical pop star. I mean, she initially stood out because of that line in Tik Tok "But we kick 'em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger." I first really got into her because of her unreleased ballads Sunday Morning and While You Were Sleeping. I feel in love with her nonautotuned voice and looked into her more and more.

She actually has some great rock and country/rock songs she did with her brother when she was a teenager. Bullet With Your Name On It, Things Work Out My Way, Good to Be Queen, Go On Roll, Hearts on Fire and Honky Tonk are songs they did as low budget recordings or live. They're all on Youtube and it's interesting to see where Kesha Sebert began. She also has a bunch of songs she recorded between 15 and 18 that were either demos or recorded for shows like Victorious and Degrassi and there's also Invisible that appeared on a Barbie movie soundtrack. She's really fascinating when you look into her unreleased music and background.

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