Ke$ha: "Give Haters the Finger and Do Whatever You Want to Do"

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Did you ever think doing a tour with Pitbull might not be a good fit for your fans?

The reason that Pitbull and I teamed up is because we met a couple years ago when I worked with him, and we have always had a really good time together. I know maybe when people hear the tour combination for the first time it seems odd, but all we're both doing is trying to incentivize the world to be a happy and fun place, and make everybody dance. There's no competition with him, which I really like, and I like touring with people who are very supportive of each other. Our crews have dance parties together.

How do you deal with going on-stage in the summer when it's still light outside?

I hear it's going to be hotter than hell there. I've learned to like going on early, and it's kinda nice because it's sunset hour. When it gets dark, I think people get more debaucherous and they start making out with each other. I'm down for whatever; I'll get the party started.

How do you deal with negativity in the press?

I used to get really offended and really sad, but now I just don't go online or read magazines, and the only TV I watch is nature documentaries. I just kind of ignore it, because my whole message is to give the haters the finger and do whatever you want to. If I'm gonna tell other people to do that, then I have to practice what I preach. Of course it sucks when people say nasty shit about you -- I'm not gonna lie, it's a bummer. But I'm surrounded by my rowdy cult of rowdy misfits when I go on tour.

What genre do you consider your music to be in, or how would you describe it?


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