Ke$ha: "Give Haters the Finger and Do Whatever You Want to Do"

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Glitter-trash Princess Ke$ha will break in the newly christened Ak-Chin Pavilion tonight with rapper Pitbull. The pairing of Mr. 305 and MTV's latest reality star may seem unlikely, but according to Ke$ha, the two just want to bring a party and make you dance.

She isn't your typical cookie-cutter pop star, either; her video for the first single from her latest release, "Die Young," features Pentagrams and what appears to be a virgin sacrifice. She goes hard, and if you get her drunk enough, she might pee on you. We talked to Ke$ha ahead of tonight's show.

Up on the Sun: After the massive success of your debut, Animal, were you ever concerned about a sophomore slump?

Ke$ha: No. Honestly, everyone kept asking me that, and I wasn't really concerned with what the critics were going to say. I don't really make music for the critics; I make music for my fans and for myself, so I just wanted to make a record I that I was proud of and that my fans could connect to. The main goal with my music is to tell my stories and to make people happy.

Would you ever consider making a full on rock n' roll record?

Fuck, yeah!

How did you get involved in the occult?

At a young age I was just kind of really obsessed with people. I think people are the most fascinating and scary things on the planet. I went to Columbia one summer and just studied psychology because I was obsessed.

My band, myself, and my dancers consider ourselves and my fans a cult. I think we share the same beliefs that life is magical, and we want to live every day to the fullest, and we don't really care what other people think. We don't hate and we love each other and we support each other. It's all about love and acceptance. After just studying it for so long, I just wanted to be a positive and wild influence on people.

How important do you feel your role as a pop star is to younger people?

I never signed up for the role model card, and that was never my intention; I just wanted to make the world dance and make people happy. After I toured the world and saw how many people my music reached, and I realized the underlying message that I am supposed to be giving is positivity and acceptance and freedom -- I really feel like young people can be themselves and be free and be open and honest. Yes, my music is rowdy and debauched, and seemingly on the surface level is not the best influence for young people, but there actually is an incredibly positive underlying message in everything I do.

Do you have any fond memories of Phoenix?

Yeah, I do. If you watch my TV show on MTV, My Crazy Beautiful Life, the place where we ended our last tour was in Phoenix, and a huge part of my crew is from Phoenix. I know Alice Cooper is there, and I worked with him and I call him "Dad."

I love Phoenix. I've gone camping and hiking there, and had wild nights there, and the very sentimental end of my last tour was there.

Do you remember peeing in a booth at The Lodge in Scottsdale?

Yeah, that was bad. I was being free with my urine at that moment.

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