Local Drummer Josh Irino Wants To "Kick Cancer's Ass"; Here's How To Help

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Josh Irino benefit
Jeremy Jennings/Hypealot Media
Josh Irino of Property Six
Josh Irino is currently engaged in the fight of his life. And it's a battle against a fearsome and merciless opponent where the odds are firmly against him. Back in April, the 38-year-old drummer for rap 'n' roll band Property Six was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

Normally, those in Irino's condition are facing a virtual death sentence, as the survival rate for those with said affliction is less than 10 percent. (As such, doctors have given him less than a year to live.) However, it's not always an absolute, as a small number of stage four lung cancer patients have been known to fully recover. And Irino is hoping to be one of them.

According to Property Six bassist Ricky Goltz, Irino (who's currently undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments in Calfornia at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center) is in extremely good spirits despite the bleak prognosis. And his positive attitude, Goltz says, may aid him in his battle against cancer.

"The doctor's have said they've seen people beat this before. It can be done, you've got to have a really good support system and got to be willing to put forth the effort and positive attitude to do it," Goltz says. "He's got to have a good positive circle around him and just to keep on fighting and keep his strength and attitude up as best as he can. His prognosis is that he's gonna beat it, Josh isn't afraid of it at all. He wants to kick cancer's ass."

Irino also has major backup in his fight, including a slew of friends and family members who have been providing positive vibes but have also helped organize this weekend's "Kick Cancer's Ass" benefit in his honor.

The daylong event, which takes place on Saturday at the Hydroponics Depot over on the westside, will raise money to help pay for Irino's treatments, in addition to benefiting the Sweet Relief, a California-based charity that assists uninsured musicians dealing with grievous illnesses or disabilities.

Irino, who has been without health insurance for years, was accepted by UCLA after his diagnosed due to a lack of local treatment options for someone in his situation. "If you're a musician with a pre-existing conditions and don't have any kids or family to take care of," Goltz says, "Then Arizona pretty much gives you the finger."

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