I Saw Fall Out Boy Live Right Before They Got Huge

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I saw Fall Out Boy right before they got super popular and seemingly unavoidable--the last time they played the Marquee Theatre for an intentionally Intimate show. If my Google skills are correct, it was with New Found Glory at Marquee Theatre in 2007. What's even stranger is that the band performed at Jobing.com Arena a mere 10 months later.

Next week they'll be playing the Marquee again, this time as sole headliners on an intentionally Intimate comeback tour. Chicago may be "so two years ago," but this show was six years ago, so here's what I remember from Fall Out Boy's performance.

Pop-punk and my teenage years go hand in hand, and New Found Glory was one of my favorite bands. Until my 22nd birthday, or so, I think I'd only missed one or two of their tours. For better or worse, they'd always brought all sorts of up-and-coming pop-punk bands on tour. Most of them didn't do much for me, though I was always holding out for another line up like NFG, Fenix TX, and Blink-182.

In 2007, I bought a ticket for New Found Glory, as usual, but this time a few of my friends were envious that I was able to see Fall Out Boy. FOB was the type of band that annoying kids at my high school listened to, so I made a point to avoid them. "Sugar We're Going Down" played at my senior prom, and I thought it was lame.

Nobody danced to this. Everyone just stood around and stared at their feet.

But New Found Glory was one of my go-to bands, and as a foolish 19-year-old I had to get as close to the stage as possible, putting me front and center for Fall Out Boy. The show was about a month before Infinity On High was released, so I have no idea if Patrick Stump got to complain about scenes and arms races at Marquee at the time.

I do remember recognizing a couple of the bigger songs from From Under the Cork Tree such as "Dance, Dance" and of course, "Sugar We're Going Down." All in all, I thought Fall Out Boy's set was kind of boring. I couldn't see the appeal.

I figured it had something to do with Pete Wentz, who I assumed was the singer, leaving me to scratch my head wondering why all these girls thought he was adorable.

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