Why Electric Forest Festival Is Worth Escaping to Michigan For

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As I've come to learn living in Arizona for my first summer ever, there's a new motive for looking forward to summer vacations: getting the hell out of town. 110-degree weather isn't my cup of tea, so why not a quick get-away?

This time last year I was leaving the muggy city of Houston with the same idea: To visit Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan. People ask me why I'm going again -- of course I sigh and laugh and say, "If only you knew." I'm not just being rude while trying to avoid their questions, but it was and still is almost impossible to describe Electric Forest in words. Some facial expressions, noise, dancing and even silence is necessary to get out what my get-away is really all about.

It might help if you know some of my adventures at last year's Forest, and what I hope to endure this time around. I may sound like some hippy hipster Mother Earth dweep, but the forest did teach me a lot about society and myself last year. The forest can teach you a few things, give or take.

Last year, I found myself simply seeking out artists. I knew that I had to see certain DJs and bands, and that was that; I never assumed that I should or necessarily needed to sit in a hammock beneath the LED-lit forest at night and take everything in. I never thought staring at artwork for a good hour could take me away from a DJ's set -- all that might have taken away from my experience last year, and I hope to improve on it this year.

Last year, I was going through some rocky times in my life. I didn't know what I wanted or even really needed in some aspects of life. I was lost, no lie -- probably a trainwreck. I think I played it off pretty well, though. In a way, I wanted to get away and take some music in, so I went off with a few friends of mine from ASU to Electric Forest.

This year, I feel complete, or at least not as lost or confused. I have my shit in order, and I know what I want and need, which is good. I've kind of figured things out. But there are a few differences from last year already, and I've yet to enter the Forest.

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First rule of the Electric Forest Festival is not to talk about the Electric Forest Festival

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