The Black Moods - RockBar Inc., Scottsdale - 6/15/2013

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All photos by Caleb Haley
The Black Moods
RockBar Inc., Scottsdale
June 15, 2013

Old Town Scottsdale came alive last night when The Black Moods blew the roof off Rockbar. On the street, the usual busy social scene of Scottsdale seemed mellow for a Saturday night. But inside, it was apparent word of mouth had spread, emptying the surrounding clubs, as people crammed inside the long, narrow bar for the evening's performance.

Prior to taking the stage, all three members of The Black Moods mingled with the crowd. Hugging and laughing commenced as singer Joshua Kennedy, bassist Ryan Prier, and drummer Danny "Chico" Diaz interacted with the attendees.

Around 10:30, The Black Moods left the ground level and strutted on stage, cocksure and swaggering. The lights above filtered into a mysterious blue and Chico began spinning a pair of drumsticks between his fingers while eyeing his bandmates. Prier picked up the rhythm as his fingers walked along his bass, and Kennedy dove into a guitar riff that immediately put the crowd at attention.

Then they tore into "Give It to Me," and feet began to tap and heads began to bob as the audience gained a feel for the band. When Kennedy discharged a wailing guitar solo during that first song the crowd was shown exactly what to expect all night.

Kennedy has stated the band wants to project the largest sound possible while performing, and they did just that. By channeling the purest rock 'n' roll spirit, The Black Moods unleashed a colossal wave of musical force through unquestionable talent. The alcohol flowed with ease as people danced and sang and fed shots of Jameson to the band members between songs.

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"I see a lot of old friends and new friends," Kennedy declared, raising a shot glass into the air.

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The Black Moods gave fans their fix as they dished out tracks from their debut album, along with new material and renditions of classic tunes to transport listeners on a nostalgic voyage through music.

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Rockbar Inc.

4245 N. Craftsman Court, Scottsdale, AZ

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