Big Beats, Big Parties, and Big Pimping: Local DJs Share 16 Years of Axis-Radius Memories

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Melissa Fossum
A packed dance floor at Axis-Radius in Scottsdale.
The nightlife-loving cats at Scottsdale's Axis-Radius are planning one helluva party this weekend that likely will go down as one of the most memorable in the club's 16-year history. Sadly, that's because the iconic and influential establishment is about to become history.

If you haven't heard the news, the double-sided nightclub, dance joint, and party playground is closing its doors on Saturday night after more than a decade and a half of slinging both beats and booze to thousands of clubgoers and serving as one of the more influential and landmark spots in Old Town.

Since its beginnings as a cigar and martini joint in 1997, Axis and then later Radius, functioned as a haven for all manner of drinking and dancing by the bottle-popping crowd, as well as playing host to more than a few celebrities, pro athletes, and other members of the glitterati. And then there's the hundreds of DJs and EDM artists - both locally and nationally known - who have pulled a set there over the last 16 years.

A surfeit of superstars and some of the biggest more recognizable names in the biz -- from Above and Beyond to Z-Trip, the great godhead of the Valley DJ scene -- have pulled spin gigs at either Axis or Radius, not to mention a nonstop stream of local selectors, beat-jugglers, and platter jocks who have passed through the place or staged a spin gig since the late '90s.

In honor of Axis-Radius' big two-night swan song that kicks off later this evening, we reached out to many of the local DJs who have graced the place with their presence - some of who will be performing at the final parties -- for some of their favorite memories of the club or tidbits from its storied history.

Benjamin Leatherman

Steve LeVine
Longtime club promoter/Former Axis-Radius DJ

In the Beginning: Axis opened by itself as a cigar and martini bar in 1997. Tuesdays was this great Latin night with Passport. Celebrities were hanging out there all the time. I remember Steve Young singing with Passport on a Tuesday night. Ladies night was on Thursday. Friday night was what we took over and really created like something special as far as a Friday night was concerned. For me, I was always trying to come up with a great promotion or a great theme or a great celebrity host type of thing. It was a lot of fun.

Meeting owner Les Corieri: Everyone would always say, "He's so mean, you don't want to work with that guy," and I thought, "No way." I didn't know what to believe and then I went and met him at Starbucks on Indian Bend and he was the greatest guy. And I continued working with him and got my night started and started DJing. Literally two weeks later we were promoting and I was DJing regularly, starting with Friday nights and then just building from there.

Changing with the Times: To me, there's not too many places that have had a run like that. Name 10 other clubs that have been open 16 years? I don't think anyone can do it. And after constantly updating and renovating and changing. The DJ [at Radius] was almost out of sight, out of mind because it was all about the bar. Then, all of a sudden, it's downstairs so people can feel the music and the DJ's front and center. It's literally progressed with the times.

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Axis/Radius - CLOSED

7340 E. Indian Plaza, Scottsdale, AZ

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Christina Zaya
Christina Zaya

Do you know where the pics are from that night. A photographer took one of me and my friend. ?? Ive been looking online no luck


Axis was the beginning of the end... Along with Next (appropriately named), and Sanctuary these clubs spelled the demise of electronic music. What did they spawn? A bunch of electronic tourists interested in taking part in the hedonistic world they'd read about in Java, 944, or New Times. Who funded it? A$$holes with fancy shoes, way too much hair gel, and left over money from a coke deal . Who bought it? Sycophants and Poseurs. Who sold out to it? Sycophants and Poseurs disguised as local DJs and tools calling themselves promoters... What did we learn? Rats will cling to a raft and chew each others arm off to stay afloat (but don't mess the hair up)... 

Damian Negrotto
Damian Negrotto

Man thecamount of fine girls that I have seen there...

Jared Slaff
Jared Slaff

Saw JES and Djs From Mars for their Scottsdale debuts here, I've gotta be there for one last blast..!

Brad Wayne
Brad Wayne

one down, the rest of old town to go


@Brad Wayne Old Town is thriving right now. Wild Knight is a great place to see some of the biggest names in electronic dance music.


"Thriving" ...ha, yeah, that's why the average club lasts < 3 years there?

Old Town died in 2008/2009...way too many ugly women there now. And what's with all of the stabbings?


@RexR I have only been in the Valley for a year. Based on similar areas of town where I come from, Old Town is thriving. Every time we are in Old Town, especially on the weekends, restaurants, bars, and clubs are packed.

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