Ask MC Magic about Love, Life, Hip Hop, or Anything Else

MC Magic has been writing a column for us for a few months now, but anyone who follows Arizona's reigning slow-jam king on Twitter or Facebook knows that he's into keeping in touch with his fans.

With that in mind--and because Ann Landers and Dear Abby just don't know you as well as he does--we'd like to invite you personally to bring your problems to Ask Magic, his new weekly advice column. Love, relationships, hip hop... if you have a question, whether it's serious or a little strange or somewhere in between, MC Magic is here to answer it.

Send your questions our way through the form below, and watch this space for Magic's answers to your most pressing conundrums. If I know the man and his music at all, they're going to be pretty smooth.

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Hey mc magic thanks for all the kool songs you ve made .my kids like alot of them. thanks for all your hard work. i would like  to see a song about the struggles imigrants families go thru in  phoenix arizona .AND how they are dying in the desert for a chance at better life. for a country thats turned their back on know maybe some video of crosses in the desert..real time footage of the struggles families faced in arizona..and maybe some footage of governor brewer pointing her finger at obama. and footage of arpaio and pearce as they are reciting hate speech..So some light can be shed on these things...and the whole southwest can see for themselves...thanks mc magic...and thanks for your song "FATHER"and others..great job..


kind a like the videos on the internet .."A MESSAGE FOR ALL HUMAITY"  AND "A WAKE UP CALL" INSPIRING videos ..kinda make you think abit..

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