Why I Want to Date a Cowboy (Just Once)

As expected, most of the guys did not look like airbrushed male strippers (seriously, Luke Bryan, that photo is terrible), but they didn't look like the Marlboro Man, either. By and large, they were normal guys who were a bit more clean cut than expected.

I still find these cowboy-hat-sporting creatures fascinating. From a distance, I hope some of the stereotypes are true -- that these guys are as nice as they are attractive, that they're rugged men who can fix my car and kill bugs for me. I suspect that politics and what to listen to in the car will always be an issue, unless I find an open-minded cowpoke. But I'm willing to agree to disagree as long as you hear me out about as to why the Tea Party terrifies me, and as long as you give the music I like a shot in return.

I would gladly tag along to a country bar with my hypothetical cowboy date as long as he would join me for my own discordant genre madness. Openness is what's important here, because isolating yourself to a single genre of music is dumb. I doubt Mr. Cowboy would enjoy electro dance parties and hardcore shows as much as I do, but a girl can dream. Perhaps some day, at least, we can drink whiskey and discuss the merits of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. It's a faux pas to discuss politics on the first date anyway, so once I find a cowboy that's willing to step out of his comfort zone, we'll talk.

Until then, here's Kenny Chesney, a.k.a. Cowboy Stripper Bruce Willis:

Thumbnail image for chesney0312.jpg
Yippie Ki Yay, mother fucker.

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