Top 20 Animated GIFs of Wet Electric Patrons Raging

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Melissa Fossum
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The enormous wave pool at Tempe's Big Surf hosted more than just doggy paddles and belly flops during Wet Electric this past week. It was a giant twerkin, Harlem Shakin' mass as local EDM fans raved, raged, and unleashed incalculable amounts of fist-pumps and ass-bumps in the shallow water while DJs like Sharaam and Eric Prydz rained down bass and beats from the elevated stage atop dry land.

We captured some of the water-logged Harlem Shakery and sweaty splash-dancing for your perusal and amusement in the following 20 animated GIFs.

 photo MOV01950_zps487fae11.gif
Major Rager
She's happy to personify her tank-top to a T, but she'll shoot you down in a heartbeat.

 photo MOV01942_zpse2302857.gif
The Surf Strut
Even the Messiah himself didn't look this cool whilst walking across the water.

 photo MOV01962_zpsf9d5c7ad.gif
Occupy Big Surf
We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We are party monsters. (Basically everybody on 4chan looks like this.)

 photo MOV01932_zps5c21d87c.gif
Douse Party
Some twerkers go the water-cooling route.

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Big Surf

1500 N. McClintock Drive, Tempe, AZ

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Too Funny - guess they caught me at the right moment when the ADHD kicked in


I saw the dude in the last GIF at the park! He was a champ! Him and his whole crew. Wish I knew em.

G Paul Hudak
G Paul Hudak

Raving to a silent beat. In water. In the daytime. You're doing it wrong.

Justin Maya
Justin Maya

Hey there good looking guy on the left.. Lol

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