UFIESTA - Quail Run Park - 5/4/2013

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Jim Louvau
UFIESTA (view the full slideshow here.)
Quail Run Park, Mesa
May 4, 2013

When I arrived at KUPD's UFIESTA on Saturday afternoon, a 50-something blonde with blue-tipped hair was stumbling out of the Powerman 5000 mosh pit, wide-eyed and yelling about her head getting stomped in, but still refusing medical attention.

This year's UFEST -- named UFIESTA for its proximity to Cinco de Mayo -- featured a lineup including Howitzer, Flotsam and Jetsam, Trapt, Frequis, Heaven's Basement, Newsted, Powerman 5000, Adelitas Way, Skillet, Chevelle, and Stone Sour.

Back on stage, Powerman 5000 was rocking out to a decent-size crowd, providing their usual highly energetic, sexually charged show. Walking up the hill in Quail Run Park toward the second stage where Trapt was performing, Powerman 5000's sound projected so powerfully that the poor band could barely be heard -- but they still had a small gathering of fans fist-pumping at the front of the stage.

Jim Louvau
The sun was hot, but the breeze was refreshing. The grounds weren't very crowded at this point, and the fans who were present were either laid out in the shade, browsing the merch booths, or munching on such offerings as deep-fried frog legs (yup), grilled corn, and snowcones, or drinking beer and margaritas.

About 5:50 p.m., Adelitas Way, a local favorite, went on. Halfway through the set, vocalist Rick DeJesus yelled into the crowd, "I dig the chick on the shoulders! That's true rock and roll spirit . . . even though security knocked you off."

A little while later, the highly anticipated (and highly talked-up) band Newsted took the second stage as the headlining act. Now I understand the hype a little: Jason Newsted is known for his work for decades in Voivod, Flotsam and Jetsam, and, of course, Metallica, with whom he was its longest-serving bassist (1986-2001). But after watching his set, I felt they couldn't live up to such high expectations.

It started exciting enough: The band members came on stage to a blaring hip-hop beat with the rap "New Sted, mothafuckaaaa, New Sted, mothfuckaaaa!!!"

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Quail Run Park

4155 E. Virginia St., Mesa, AZ

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