Thomas Gold: "EDM Is an Open Field... I Love It."

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The Berlin-based DJ Thomas Gold will be visiting Maya, one of Scottsdale's newest hosts for EDM artists and events, this Friday.

Up on the Sun spoke with Gold about his upbringing in music, how his touring and festival schedules have been going, and what we can possibly expect to see from him at Maya Day and Night Club on Friday, May 24.

Up on the Sun: You've been super-busy lately, whether it's Ultra, Coachella, or your most recent North American tour. From what I hear, this was your first Coachella. How did everything turn out for you?

Gold: The whole festival setup was great. It was fun playing and seeing the surroundings and the atmosphere, since every place has a different vibe. Coachella was definitely fun . . . I was super-impressed.

With you hailing from Germany, were you ever associated with the huge breakdance scene that brought many of today's EDM stars into the scene?

I actually started to play keyboards when I was young -- I was 7. I got my first music computer and synthesizer when I was 15. From that point on, I learned my stuff, got a bigger and better computer, and developed my music.

But I really started on the keyboards. I had lessons and I used to play all the stuff one typically has to play -- jazz, classic tunes, and even, I guess, one could say pop. So I kind of learned from the basics.

Many people don't realize that many DJs don't just walk up to the sets and start going at it. But it's not that simple -- most have a music background.

Yeah, I think [where you come from] also kind of influences you. For example, if you used to play a lot of classic tracks, you will maybe incorporate some of these chord progressions into your music. So everybody who used to play or still does play an instrument will typically be inspired by the same sort of format of their music knowledge, and take that into producing their electronic or dance music.

So, no breakdancing for you? Sorry, after hearing Markus Schulz talk a few weeks ago about the breakdancing scene in Germany, and how that took him into the EDM world, was interesting. Everyone has his or her own stories.

There are a lot of house guys that started out with hip-hop, even, which is kind of a similar transition. As far as I can remember, breakdancing was a big thing. I wasn't too into that, of course. But it was definitely big here in Germany.

After the jump: "EDM is an open field . . . I love it."

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Maya Day and Nightclub

7333 E. Indian Plaza, Scottsdale, AZ

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