Phoenix Beats The Taylor Swift Scavenger Hunt--Do You Know The Answer?

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@micahyzz beat you to the Silver Ticket.
I'm not sure this is a conventional reason to feel civic pride, but I'm going to put it out there: Phoenix completed Taylor Swift's Willy Wonka scavenger hunt in two hours flat, with two of eight sets of tickets going out in less than 30 minutes. That's faster, in my limited research, than most of the other cities have managed; Austin took longer to find them, and they had just four sets to find.

And all those music festivals, not that I'm angry.

So congratulations to Phoenicians everywhere who are, like me, just really aching for something to feel smug about today.

But the game isn't over yet. Can you solve the puzzle? I mean, it's all academic now, but if you weren't especially interested in seeing Taylor Swift next week in the first place, you can still tell your friends you managed to outwit Diet Coke's Twitter account. Here's the first clue:

@Chikowolf, who asks them to narrow that down a little, would later come away with one of the silver tickets himself. But that first clue was all it took @michayzz and @brittbrittclark to take the prize.

An hour later, the second clue came out:

That one gave the @sparymary and some Twitter-less fan two more pairs of tickets; 20 minutes later @AlyssaGottlieb and the very persistent chikowolf pulled it out right before these considerably more specific clues:

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JohnQ.Public topcommenter

The answer - someone that broke up with her because she's crazy and obsessive.  Oh, I apoligize, that's the subject of every Taylor Swift song, not the location of the tix - I answered the wrong question.

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