Three Reasons Men Should Just Admit They Love Taylor Swift

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by K.C. Libman

Taylor Swift is far from just a female-only icon at this point. The erstwhile country star's crossover appeal has placed her firmly inside the pop pantheon, and it's more apparent than ever that Swift's infectious sound is the definition of radio-ready. Show me a red-blooded American male who doesn't know at least the chorus to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and I'll show you a liar.

Men, there's no shame in loving Taylor Swift. You may even go as far as to count yourself in the ranks of the number of dedicated male "Swifties," if that kind of fandom suits your taste. For the less-involved, there's no reason why you should protest when your wives, daughters, girlfriends, or combinations thereof ask you to join them for Swift's second date at the Arena in Glendale -- you may not want to admit it, but you'll be glad you tagged along.

1. Taylor Swift delivers a hell of a live show

Swift tells stories onstage while telling stories with her songs. On her 2011 Speak Now tour, stage sets shifted between a full wedding ceremony, a down-home jamboree on the veranda of a Southern plantation home, and an actual bridge that hosted a full string section. It's not just the music that fans go for -- Swift can play her heart out while still engaging fans on a visceral level.

It's a live performance that's akin to a full-tilt traveling Broadway spectacle, complete with a dizzying number of costume changes and elaborate stage sets. If the success of Red is any indication of how Swift's live show should evolve, patrons can expect nothing but a grandiose performance that easily will top Speak Now.

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2. Taylor Swift can actually sing

Few pop stars have been lampooned and skewered for their vocal talent like Swift has. She's completely aware of the criticism, going so far as to call out her detractors on "Mean."

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Gila River Arena

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Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

Her music sucks, but in what? If you screw her she will write a song about you, so if that is the love you're talking about then.. ok.

Luka Bleu
Luka Bleu

Shes annoying... And can't sing


Her male fans are growing as she gets older, MOST of her songs do not put down men, people who think that have never listened to one of her CD's. People who try to say she has no male fans would not buy or listen to one of her CD's in the first place.


All of the above is true at yet most men still find Taylor Swift annoying as hell. Yes, she's got a great voice. So at least she isn't screeching when she tells men how much they suck. As long as every song is about how perfect she is and how much men suck, most men will find her completely annoying. Your last comment says it all, "Swift's legion of tween girls."  That's her audience.  That's who she sings to and that's her fan best.  And as for guys at her show - 95% of them are there because their girlfriend/wife/girl-they-want-to-sleep-with made a huge production about going so they had no choice if they wanted to sustain (or start) their relationship.  Bottom lines, it is what it is - don't try to make more of it than that.

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