Punk Rock Bowling - Devo, The Damned - 5/25/2013

Devo 1
Photos by Melissa Fossum
Devo, The Damned
Punk Rock Bowling, Las Vegas (View the full slideshow.)
May 25, 2013

The Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival had a strong start, though some bands like Swingin' Utters (who bowled today as "Swingin' Gutters") had to rush to the festival after the bowling tournament ended around 6 p.m. This was problematic for people like me, who grabbed a bite to eat between the bowling tournament at Sam's Town and the festival at Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.

A couple of years ago, I described Punk Rock Bowling as having a lineup reminiscent of the glory days of Warped Tour. This is my first year at Punk Rock Bowling, and I must say out of all of the other festivals I've been to, the best way to describe it is, in fact, as a less sucky version of Warped Tour.

PRB features three days of music, mostly dominated by punk bands, though groups like Devo sometimes end up on the bill. The festival was set up in an empty lot a few blocks away from the main drag of Fremont Street, transforming the area to the intimate setting of Punk Rock Bowling. The festival only has one stage, but that works out quite well given the length of the festival and the number of pre- and post-show events.

Devo 1
Devo was just as strange and fantastic as one would expect. Their set featured a few outfit changes, usually involving the band throwing a few items of clothing into the crowd, including the blue hats seen in the album artwork of its latest record, Something for Everybody.

Devo had some strange props also, as Mark Mothersbaugh threw whole opened bags of chips into the crowd during "Freedom of Choice." He also threw what appeared to be small, colorful bouncy balls into the audience during "Beautiful World."

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The Damned gets 4 whole sentences in your writeup?  Pathetic.

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