Prince (First Show) - Marquee Theatre - 4/30/2013

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Prince (at an earlier stop, where photos were allowed.)
Marquee Theatre
April 30, 2013

His Royal Purpleness reigned supreme at Marquee Theatre last night, and like most of the people who saw him there, I'm still taking it all in. We just saw a legend perform at a mid-sized venue and we were close enough to actually see his face (when he wasn't hiding in the shadows.) The ticket prices were a steep $277, but how often are you going to have an opportunity to see Prince perform outside an arena or a music festival?

Money was the question on everyone's minds at the show. I heard a few people grumbling about the cost on the way back to the car, but if you're a huge Prince fan -- like the lady behind me, showing off her tattoo -- the intimate setting and large selection of non-hit songs was absolutely worth it.

Uber-Prince-fans made up a significant part of the audience; the rest were just people like me. who wanted to have the experience of seeing Prince live. It's easy to get obsessed by the idea of seeing him when you have the chance; my dad's family is from St. Paul, and I've already been told multiple times how lucky I am to have had this opportunity.

I went in with high hopes--it's freakin' Prince, after all. Marquee security was very strict on cell phone usage; there were signs everywhere threatening ejection if anyone was seen with a phone or camera in their hand. Having Prince do without professional photographers throughout the tour was one thing, but the no-cell-phone thing drove me crazy--especially when Prince climbed an amp and belted out his falsetto five rows in front of me. Such good lighting wasted.

My cell phone withdrawals were even worse while Prince was running late. These things rarely start on time, so going on 30 minutes late seemed perfectly reasonable. That was when one of the gals from his rocking female backing band, 3rd Eye Girl, popped out to say that fans were welcome to take pictures of her, but not Prince. "Prince isn't a fan of seeing cameras in front of your faces," she said with a grin.

Then Prince was 40 minutes late. The show would have been halfway over by then, if it started on time. I overhear the following conversation:

"It's Prince, he can start when he wants."

"You already paid a lot of money to see Prince. He knows you aren't going to leave."

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Marquee Theatre

730 N. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

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I am still in awe, what a great show!

Arturo Olmos
Arturo Olmos

I had the opposite opinion. If you are a casual prince fan who liked his 80's hits you'll probably leave disappointed. As a fan of most of his catalogue I was more than impressed at his range as well as his showmanship and guitar work. Second to none. Best show I've been to ever. I enjoyed the show so much I just bought another ticket for tonight's show.

Lisa Perez
Lisa Perez

sooooooooooooooo.. I've been blessed with the opportunity to see this AWESOME talent in concert on 5 separate occasions.. and was totally and utterly dismayed that his tickets for the Marquee were $277 EACH!! Sooooooooooo.. I abstained.. HOWEVER.. I have a friend who won tickets to last night's show on a local radio station and her FB post last night after the show was that she was happy about the following three things: that (1) she's going to the chiropractor today; (2) she lives close to the venue; and (3) the tickets were FREE!! She was beyond disappointed.. too bad Prince.. it was GOOD while it lasted!!! =/


Never been a fan. I wouldn't spend 10 cents.


Two tiny snippets - I swear the close of Clover was 'Manic Monday' instrumental and there was a bit of 'A Love Bizarre' somewhere.

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