This Weekend's Unplanned, Unintentional, Unofficial Downtown Phoenix Indie Rock Fest

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P.O.P. Convention

p.o.p. convention
The P.O.P. Convention is an exhibition of some of the best pop music Arizona has to offer. The highlight of the show is Phoenician pop Illuminatus Tom Filardo playing a set with a band of "AZ All Stars." Along with that, expect music that makes you feel joyful and young.

More importantly, expect Otter Pops.

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Show Details
Tom Filardo and Friends
Amadou's Crew
DanDan Noodles
Jamie J.

The Trunk Space
6:30 PM All Ages

Blanche Beach/Drainbow Tour Kickoff

Local fuzz-pop trio Blanche Beach and its heavy, droning sibling band Drainbow are setting off on an 11-day West Coast tour at the end of May. This show is functioning not only as a send-off, but also as a release show for Blanche Beach's new cassette on Tagobella Records. Expect loud things augmented by pedals that make things loud in an altogether different way.

Show Details
Blanche Beach
Man Hands

Lawn Gnome Publishing
6:00 p.m. All ages

Instructions EP Release

I feel like "math rock" is a term that unintentionally implies separation. It evokes, for me, either the idea of bands with noodly guitars and irregular time signatures inherently being more sophisticated than less "mathematical" bands that play in 4/4 time, or music catered to reclusive nerds seeking to eschew the fun-having tendencies of their peers.

Instructions EP release
Instructions is a band that gets called math rock a lot. The music is actually pretty sophisticated, but it doesn't exist in an elitist math rock vacuum. The band can get pretty poppy, and I've mostly seen them on bills with "fun" bands. The release show for their most recent EP should be a similar occasion. Expect some bands that make you want to pogo and other bands that make you want to contemplatively sway around.

Show Details
Playboy Manbaby
Boss Frog
Hasty Escape
The Brothers Cosmos

Pi House
314 East Roosevelt Street (right next to the "CANVAS" sign)
7 p.m., all ages

These shows aren't part of a real fest, and you can't buy a wristband that will get you into everything, but bouncing between shows is perfectly feasible. I've illustrated this clumsily in Google Maps. Or you can just go to one of the shows, if that suits you. Either option is better than staying home.

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Plus Future Loves Past, Wooden Indian, St Ranger and Flights & Villa at Last Exit on Saturday!

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