This Weekend's Unplanned, Unintentional, Unofficial Downtown Phoenix Indie Rock Fest

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Playboy Manbaby Funeral Pizza screengrab
Playboy Manbaby -- "Funeral Pizza"
[The Valley is a big place, and it puts out more interesting music than we could ever hope to cover. Every week or so, Mike Bogumill will use this space to cover a little more of it. In this week's edition: Music videos from Jock Club and Playboy Manbaby and an entirely unintentional music festival in downtown Phoenix. - Ed.]

Local Music Video Twofer

Playboy Manbaby - "Funeral Pizza"

The first official Playboy Manbaby music video features Brad Neely-esque characters acting out a Daniel Clowes-esque narrative against a backdrop of highly processed foods. Take a shower and re-evaluate the trajectory of your life after watching.

Jock Club - "Mr. X: Secret Agent"

This Jock Club video provides a foggy glimpse into the glamor, glitz, and grit of the Tempe dance underground. It's a place that can be secretive like club scenes of old, but, instead of calling a hotline, you have to be friends with the right people on Facebook to find out where the party's at.

The Unofficial, Unplanned, and Unintentional Downtown Phoenix Indie Rock Fest

There are weekends when downtown is relatively dead, where the only options for leisure are to get a coffee and read a book at Jobot or drown your boredom with alcohol served at Lost Leaf or Carly's. Then there are weekends where three really good shows happen almost within a one-mile radius. This weekend is such a serendipitous occasion. Here is an overview of what is happening:

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Plus Future Loves Past, Wooden Indian, St Ranger and Flights & Villa at Last Exit on Saturday!

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