Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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"It's Friday somewhere" isn't strictly true -- I don't think the International Date Line works that way -- but if Jimmy Buffett were to write a song to that effect, and it made you feel better about going to see The Presets and Dragonette tonight at the Marquee, I think it would be a pretty useful fiction. Does Jimmy Buffett have a Kickstarter or something that we could use?

Until it's actually Friday somewhere, you've got time to see that show and more, as per this week's Five Must-See Phoenix Shows.

The Presets press

The Presets, Dragonette - Marquee Theatre, Tempe - May 20

Australia-based The Presets and the Canadians of Dragonette play at two edges of contemporary dance pop -- The Presets combine big, foreboding synths and vocals that are announced as much as sung, Depeche-Mode-style. Dragonette is brighter and more anthemic; it's as easy to imagine them playing to a crowd that's standing still and self-consciously bobbing their heads as it is a crowd of revelers with their eyes off the stage.

Luckily, whichever you prefer, you'll find both at the Marquee.

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