Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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Wooden Indian

Wooden Indian, Spirit Orbs, Bogan Via, Fairy Bones - Tempe Tavern, Tempe - May 24

Wooden Indian, for whom I've already run out of synonyms for "weird and compelling," heads a free slate of local acts at Tempe Tavern Thursday night.

Spirit Orbs plays melodic pop at the unlikely intersection of atmospheric guitars (in delay-heavy songs like "Spin" and "Fear") and acoustic stomp (in "Chandra"), while Bogan Via gets a strangely heavy sound out of two ingredients -- boy-girl vocals and keyboards--that are more commonly used to sell bright, airy bedroom sets at Target. (They also managed to release a single called "Kanye" that wasn't a novelty track, which is something not even Kanye West could manage.)

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Fairy Bones is a super-unnerving name. The band it's attached to plays herky-jerky new wave that will remind you of that first No Doubt album nobody bought, if in this alternate universe the girl singer's brother/songwriter had gone on to write for Six Feet Under instead of The Simpsons.

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