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Carla Morrison

Carla Morrison - MIM Music Theater - May 23

Erstwhile Phoenician Carla Morrison has found a massive Spanish-language audience since beginning her solo career in earnest in 2009, earning two Latin Grammy Awards and playing to 30,000 in Mexico City.

You might have caught her a few years ago as a member of Tempe's Babaluca. When we talked to them four years back Morrison had this to say:

Morrison writes most of the group's lyrics. She is the reason for the bilingual music that has put Babaluca on several Latino radio stations -- she was born and raised in Tecate, Mexico. Bilingual songs can be odd, but they work for Babaluca, she says.

"It just depends which language feels right," she says with a trace of an accent. "Sometimes I can explain myself better in English, but sometimes in Spanish."

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