Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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The Technicolors - Crescent Ballroom - May 23

Phoenix's own The Technicolors wrap up a tour that's taken them from Provo up to Vancouver with a headlining show at Crescent Ballroom. When we talked to them last year, they were preparing to translate the heavy, almost glammy riffs in Listener to an acoustic setting; this time it's a safe bet they'll be electrified and loud.

Joining them are Night Birds and Fictionist, about which Brian Palmer said for this week's issue:

Provo, Utah-based Fictionist wants to make your troubles melt away, and they can do it in any number of ways. Singer Stuart Maxfield channels a slightly less throaty Caleb Followill over crunchy, stratospheric guitars on tracks like "Swept Away" and chilled acoustic moments like "Still Reaching," and groovy distortion and thick drums would make "The Real Thing" right at home on a '70s rock album, but the music is fun above all else... Maxfield and Co. write songs you can't help but respond to, whether it's with an urge to air guitar on "Swept Away" or to sing in agreement when Maxfield cries "You are the only one" on "Distraction." That's exactly why they're so appealing.

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