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Sundressed - Crescent Ballroom - May 21

Is it an ominous sign when a band's first gig is broken up and shut down?

For Sundressed, it clearly was inspiration. When the Phoenix quartet's first performance ended before it began, they went into the studio to record a self-titled EP. Their first official full-length, Whiskey with Milk, is scheduled for release on May 21.

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How to describe the album? Well . . . Ever been to a wild house party where different music is playing in each room, and standing in just the right spot lets everything crash together in glorious chaos? That's Sundressed: loud, wild, fast, disheveled, frenetic, frantic, and bouncy all rolled into one. There are elements of The Smiths and The Cure providing a dark-pop lift over gritty Strokes-like guitars coupled with The Replacements' sloppy perfection. On top of it all are Trevor Hedges' dark lyrics, chronicling his battle with addiction, love gone bad, and stumbling through life, in general. -- Glenn BurnSilver

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