Study Concludes: Kids Today Are Musically Spoiled Rotten

Sounds with Einstein
When it comes to music, do kids today have it better or worse than the generations before them?

I decided to do some research into the matter. By "research," I mean I asked my teenagers some questions, and then compared their answers to my opinions. Around here, we call that science. (What do you expect? I'm a blogger, not a reporter.)

Here are the results of my research: Kids today have it totally made in the shade.

But not in every way. The beyond-teenage generations (yeah, that's you already) still had it better in some ways.

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Could You Elaborate On Your Study For Us, Professor?

Sure thing.

Like any good pseudo-scientist, I'll break it down into categories for you and summarize my conclusions.

My scientific method? No prob. 1. Make up a category; 2. Debate with myself about whether today's teens have the advantage over the older generations; 3. Make up a conclusion; 4. Support my conclusion.

It's like the standard hypothesis-research-conclusion method, with just a tad more speculation.

And now, the categories . . .

Importance of Music

Advantage: Then. Happily, I'd say this was a very slight advantage. Music is still important. But while music is a big part of my kids' lives, and their musical universe is bigger, the exponential increase in alternative entertainment options has allowed them to knock music down the priority ladder. In the latter part of the 20th century options were fewer, and the music carried more weight.

Delivery Options
Advantage: Now. This is an easy one. More tech, more options, better options as time passes. The crappy configurations -- 8-track and cassette -- are mostly gone (though there is always some sort of supposed hipster resurgence somewhere.) Good-sounding yet inconvenient vinyl (that's right, I just said something bad about vinyl) has been revived (though not nearly as much as the media reports, which is a down-the-road blog.)

The configuration that best bridges sound quality and convenience, CDs (yes, I just said something good about CDs), are cheaper than ever, and digital-delivery methods are endless. The options are plentiful, and that's just if you want to own the music.

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Glen Allan
Glen Allan

There is probably more music created in one month than was created in the entirety of all music of the old days... There is totally great music being created all the time. The problem isn't whether it exist to find, but more so how to filter through it. If anybody is counting the pop music of today, they are listening in the wrong place.

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

SOOOOOO much worse. My kids listen mostly to my music because theirs is so bad and that's late 60's through the 70's. Like they say.. if your kid has Pink Floyd on their Ipod you've done something right.

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