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This week I'd like to talk about one of the hardest working, up-and-coming hip hop squads from the streets of Arizona: MOB FAM. This three-member group is made up of real-life brothers Arturo, Javier, and Steve Campos, better know as TS, Young Javi, and SC! These boys have been pounding the streets of AZ with a persistence that just won't quit.

My label, Nastyboy Records, recently released their latest offering, "Champagne Drippin." This infectious single is the kind of joint you put on repeat Sunday afternoon when you're rolling with the top down, speakers rumblin' with that fat bottom, and the warm summer night has taken over. As a matter of fact, the official music video features some amazing arial footage of downtown Phoenix, Chase Field, and a few landmark buildings. It's a celebration of life in the swag lane, dripping with candy painted rides, poppin' bottles and killer verse performances. Here's how they got that far.

From the first time I met TS, the "mouthpiece" of the group, he always displayed an eagerness to move up to the next level. But he was never overbearing, and he never lost his focus on the big picture. One of the deciding factors for me was that genuine dedication. TS would often send me tracks to review until one day I heard a joint called "Fresh As Im Izz."


I could tell it had the potential to flourish if it were given a chance. We concepted the music video with a mock gameshow called "Arizona Has Talent," where MF wins the show as well as winning over the audience. It gave the video a playful lighthearted feel, but it also caused some purists to fire off negative comments.

This was somewhat to be expected from die-hard Chicano rap supporters, considering that West Coast Latino rap is predominantly gangsta music. Focusing on the positive, "Fresh As Im Izz" still garnered some good attention, and set the stage for MOB FAM's next move.

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