Top 10 Miranda Lambert Songs about Brutal, Brutal Revenge

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3. Kerosene

Featuring a meta-country interlude, a harmonica, and arson.

Life ain't hard but it's too long to live it like some country song
Trade the truth in for a lie, cheating really ain't a crime
I'm giving up on love cause love's given up on me

Forget your high society, I'm soakin' it in kerosene
Light 'em up and watch them burn, teach them what they need to learn, ha!
Dirty hands ain't made for shakin', ain't a rule that ain't worth breakin'
Well I'm giving up on love cause love's given up on me

2. Gunpowder & Lead

Yeah, I'm goin' home, gonna load my shotgun
Wait by the door, and light a cigarette
If he wants a fight, well, now he's got one
And he ain't seen me crazy yet
He slapped my face, and he shook me like a rag doll
Don't that sound like a real man?
I'm going to show him what little girls are made of
Gunpowder and lead

His fist is big, but my gun's bigger
He'll find out when I pull the trigger

1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This one's a gimme, of course -- it opens with "I brought my pistol / but I ain't some kinda fool," and that isn't even the verse I'm going to excerpt.

I started throwing things, and I scared folks half to death
I got up in his face, smelled whiskey on his breath
Didn't give a second thought to being thrown in jail
'Cause, baby, to a hammer everything looks like a nail
I'm mad as hell

Well, those pretty girls -- they're all the same
But they're damn well gonna know my name

This, of course, should frighten you more than any other Miranda Lambert revenge song. This guy doesn't even deserve it.

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